Bob's New Chevy Equinox LS

Delivered On: Dec 28, 2018

Our Daughter Jillian graduated college 6 months early on Dec 6. The was great news since it saved me the a semester of tuition, but she also reminded me that I had bet her she couldn’t finish in less than 4 years, and the upside of our bet for her was I promised if she won, I would buy her a car… Under normal circumstances I’d go to the local dealer, we waste a day on the lot and I’d get a chance to practice my Karass Negotiating skills. Even so, I always seemed to walk away from such dealership experiences wondering if I could have cut a better deal. The whole dealership process, even after buying over 50 new cars feels like a win-lose scenario. I even once bought a Saturn in the early days, with a feeling of being a loser for not having driven a harder bargaining stance.

This car purchase was very different. I was stuck on the couch, as I was in an auto accident before the holidays when I was on my way to my uncle’s funeral in Kentucky. This was further complicated because i had to

move Jillian home from college in Chicago, and into her moved cool loft in downtown Pontiac. Add to this she accepted a dream job with an online media advertising firm and need to get a new car before she started her first day on the job today. It was a marathon, and I was flat on my back ill.

I was up at 3am in pain from my accident, when I went to and found her this perfect silver Chevy Equinox. We’re not a car company family, and The “GM Family discount for everyone” ran out on Jan 1, and I thought there would be no way to get in on this deal. You site told me she also qualified for a ‘recent college graduate’ discount, and I have a Cadillac Lease so DMR also showed me a savings for “Lease Loyalty”. By the time I was done it was still only 3;15am and I had bought a car in my boxers.

$226 a month with $672 out the door. That was actually better than what we saw in the newspaper ads, and I figured it couldn’t be true, but if we could just get close to this deal, it would be a win.

By 8:00 am we were called by the dealer. The documents and information took 5 more minutes by phone. This was certainly not a deal that could be true. It was all on track and no one tried to up sell me or cross sell me or get me to agree to a different car. No one was negotiating with me at all. The deal was as I was quoted. They asked me when I would like my new car delivered to my home…

Holy moly. Your website is real, and the car is real and the paperwork they brought to my dinner table was real and my daughter drove her new car all weekend.