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Getting Started: What to do prior to selling or trading your vehicle

Prepare your vehicle for selling or trading

There are several options to consider when you have a used car to sell. And we can help facilitate a couple of the options. Regardless of which way you go, there are some things you will want to do prior to selling or trading your car.

  • Get the Payoff – If you owe money call the lender for the payoff. You do this by calling the bank that has a lien on your car and ask them for a 15-day payoff. Why 15 day? Because it will take some time for the buyer of your car to send the money and perform the actual payoff.
  • Find your Title – Most people can’t, but it’s ok if you can’t because the Secretary of State has a copy and you can apply for a lost Title with them. Your Title will either be “Free and Clear” of a lien or it will indicate who you owe money to.
  • Get it Certified – Take your car to a service department and get a certification. For a small price (usually $80-$100), a certified mechanic will inspect your car for outstanding warranty issues, make sure all the fluids are topped off and perform other general tasks. Upon completion, you will have a professional statement to provide any buyer so they can have confidence in the condition of your car.
  • Get it Detailed – For $20, take your car to Jaxx or any other full-service car wash and have the inside and outside cleaned. Make sure the tires are shined and the engine is sprayed down. Any little bit helps the perceived value of your used car.
  • Do your Homework – Research what your vehicle is worth but manage your expectations. Sites like Kelly Blue Book will provide estimates and, in some cases, and instant cash offer. The estimates are typically higher than you can actually get and the instant offers are typically lower. Use your research as a baseline.
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Next: Your options for selling or trading-in your old vehicle

  1. Sell your car to an end-user – This will require some marketing savvy and could be risky since you will be trading money for your title.
  2. Donate your car – This is a common option if your car is really old with high miles.
  3. Give your car to a family member – This option avoids taxes.
  4. Sell your car to a wholesale buyer/used car broker – Deliver My Ride has trusted relationships for this option.
  5. Trade your car to a dealer – Deliver My Ride employs a pretty slick technology that searches dealership web sites for cars similar to yours. It gathers multiple examples and compares your car to the market. This is one of the best ways to get a true indication of your car’s value. By providing the Year, Make, Model, Trim, Miles and Condition of your car, the technology calculate a price that the dealer will likely pay for your trade-in. While we cannot guarantee the exact amount since the dealer needs a final inspection to verify the condition, you can have confidence that the process will be hassle free and the price will be fair.
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