Finding The Right Car

A modern way to buy or lease your next vehicle

Can I test drive before I buy?
On average, only 20% of car shoppers test drive a vehicle before they buy it. While this may seem counter to common sense, it is true. However, if you want to test drive a car before you buy, we recommend that you test drive the vehicle of a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member for the most valuable experience. In these cases, you will likely get more honest feedback and be able to test the car for a few hours instead of a few minutes if done at a dealership. Since the cars we sell are brand new, the quality and condition will not factor into drivability. If you want to drive the dealer’s vehicle, we can facilitate a test drive or you are welcome to visit a local dealer to do so. In this case, we recommend contacting the dealer in advance and schedule a time with a specific person. Be sure to ask that the vehicle is pulled up and ready to drive so you don’t end up waiting around.
If I am not ready to buy now, will the deal and vehicle be the same when I am ready?
Possibly, but no guarantees. Rebates normally change on a monthly basis. Dealers have no control over this, the car manufacturers provide rebates and rules associated with them. So, you may be looking at a deal on March 25th and it could be completely different on April 3rd. In addition, dealers pay bank interest on their vehicle inventory, so it is too expensive to hold cars for more than a day or two. The good news is that new cars are commodities and if the specific one you wanted has been sold, there is likely another one just like it available. Every scenario is different, and we can advise you with whatever your current situation is.
Can I select my dealership?
We work with the biggest and the best dealers in each market, but not all of them. There is a chance we already use your favorite dealer, if not, notify us and we will investigate the opportunity.
Do you sell used cars?
Currently, we only offer new cars.
What if I can’t find the right car on your site?
Since we sell new vehicles, it is likely that the dealers we work with can find and trade for a specific car from another dealership. If you can’t find the car you want, chat with or call us so we can find the perfect fit.